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Futuretivity is a new kind of consultancy that delivers climate positivity with vibrant, socially impactfulcommercial power.


We recognize that the how-to of sustainability can be overwhelming, so we empower businesses with actionable roadmaps, skills for the future and meaningful connections to succeed.


Being a conscious business needn't cost the earth nor cost your business. 


Our unique action-based expertise unifies your sustainability efforts, amplifies your voice and creates a ripple of impact for your customers, community and beyond.


Because when it comes to sustainability, it takes a few smart steps to navigate the wilderness and become a vibrant, profitable business of the future.



Futuretivity, sustainability delivered. 

Our Story

Futuretivity was born in 2022, following a decade working together delivering sustainability expertise gathered over 20 years.


We are Benita Matofska and Clare Kandola, specialists in sustainability innovation, sharing and circular economies, business transformation and behaviour change.


We work with companies across the globe striving for environmental impact and social purpose alongside healthy financials and future resilience.


Businesses of all shapes and sizes struggle with the ‘how-to’ of sustainability  - it can be challenging to know where to start and how to effect real impact. That’s where we come in.


Known for our smart pragmatism, strategic approach and practical models to integrate sustainability, we deliver tangible results and long-term thinking, without compromising the business.


Futuretivity, sustainability delivered. 

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Our Values

We are Changemakers

We know climate is changing and the world is changing, so we help business change by innovating for a better future.


We are Brave

To reach net-zero, we need businesses as leaders, with a strong voice and bold choices that benefit people, planet and the economy.


We are Adaptable

In a constantly evolving world, we help companies progress with agility, integrity and grace.


We are Futuretivity

We know that by delivering sustainability together, a positive future is possible.

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Our Why


We empower businesses with knowledge and tools to effect positive change and create impact for people, planet and the economy.


Our What


We help businesses to join the dots, uniting your sustainability efforts cohesively, comprehensively and collaboratively.


Our How


We bring practical skills, strategic results and inter-sectoral knowledge for you to become climate positive, people-centric and commercially robust.

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Our Vision

We believe in a future where everyone thrives. That future comes with action.


Climate change threatens every aspect of human life - how we live, work and play. We know that business has the power to change that.


There’s lots of sustainability talk, but what’s needed is action and support on the ground. The challenge is creating the skills, capabilities and roadmaps to do it.


That’s why we make it our business to deliver sustainability, building a future of social, environmental and economic prosperity.


Our vision is to help businesses deliver sustainability with simple, effective models, tools and actions integrated throughout the organisation, delivering commercial success without costing the earth.


Yes, we believe in a future where everyone thrives. For us, that starts and ends with action. We show you how.


Futuretivity, sustainability delivered.

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