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Our Story

Futuretivity was born in 2022, following a decade working together delivering sustainability expertise gathered over 20 years.


We are Benita Matofska and Clare Kandola, specialists in sustainability innovationsharing and circular economies, business transformation and behaviour change.


We work with companies across the globe striving for environmental impact and social purpose alongside healthy financials and future resilience.


Businesses of all shapes and sizes struggle with the ‘how-to’ of sustainability  - it can be challenging to know where to start and how to effect real impact. That’s where we come in.


Known for our smart pragmatism, strategic approach and practical models to integrate sustainability, we deliver tangible results and long-term thinking, without compromising the business.


Futuretivity, sustainability delivered. 

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Our Why?


We empower businesses with knowledge and tools to effect positive change and create impact for people, planet and the economy.


Our What?


We help businesses to join the dots, uniting your sustainability efforts cohesively, comprehensively and collaboratively.


Our How?


We bring practical skills, strategic results and inter-sectoral knowledge for you to become climate positive, people-centric and commercially robust.

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