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Futuretivity & Pact... And Action!

We recently tied up with Pact as their Sustainability-as-a-Service partner, delivering members access to our expertise and practical solutions to delivering social, environmental and commercial value alongside Albert compliance.

Our latest edition of Sustainability Monthly is included in the Pact newsletter sent out to members this week, but you can also read this month's edition here.

Five Easy Steps to Bring Sustainability into Focus

Summer continues with a second heat wave, followed by monsoon-like rain and flooding, then more sunshine pushing the mercury higher. Climate change is starting to feel pretty real - even here in the UK – making this summer the time to start building climate resilience into your business with smart sustainability action.

Our industry is focused on delivering net-zero by 2030, with leading broadcasters and studios committed to the decarbonisation of production and leveraging our editorial voice to inform and inspire audiences. What this means for production companies and technical services powering the industry is the need to incorporate climate action now – but this needn’t be a burden, we’re here to help you through.

Last month we looked at the questions to help you analyse where your company is on the road to sustainability. This month, we’re talking actions that can get you moving now whilst you formulate a longer-term sustainability strategy.

What Your Business Can Do Now

There is plenty you can do to start delivering sustainability benefits to your business now. Here are five quick-wins to incorporate today.

1. Maximising resource efficiency Optimise working structures to reduce production office reliance and better utilise facilities. Flexible hours and remote working offer time and cost savings, improving work/life balance. Freed-up desks, edit suites and meeting rooms become a resource for your network and community - limit downtime, generate income, and breathe new life into your office.

2. Reduce travel burn From less flights and more train travel, to fewer journeys on condensed shoots with localised crews, there are savings to be made that deliver cost and carbon benefits.

3. Reinvigorate local economies

Focusing on local suppliers, local crew and local catering delivers cost savings and positively impacts the communities around us.

4. Building local value Leveraging local talent, investing social and economic value, to deliver positive legacy from productions. Can you offer work experience to local students, or donate your sets and costumes to support local projects? Providing value after the shoot ensures a fair exchange for all stakeholders in the production.

5. New business with sustainability content Impactful, strong messaging and calls to action that resonate with commissioners and audiences, reflecting demand for content that is climate and community relevant.

These simple shifts in how you approach your productions, operations and office management deliver results fast, stimulate behaviour change and benefit your bottom line.

At Futuretivity, we’re here to help you take advantage of the opportunity (without taking advantage of the planet) to join the 90% of leading businesses who know that sustainability action is key to business success. Our work enables businesses to deliver more efficient productions, reduce carbon, increase impact and engage audiences in a way that is practical, tangible and effective.

In next month’s edition of Sustainability Monthly, we’ll look at how sustainability pays with bottom line benefits to your business.

But for now, enjoy the summer breeze and see you in September.

To find out more about how we can deliver sustainability to your productions, talk to us at

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