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Why Sustainability is Everyone’s Business

Updated: May 17, 2022

Climate change threatens every aspect of human life - how we live, work and play. The latest UN report evidences that harmful carbon emissions are at their highest in human history and proof that the world is on a ‘fast track’ to disaster. Scientists warn that it’s ‘now or never’ to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, beyond which all forms of life are at risk.

To mitigate the impacts of climate change, it will require a global effort from all areas of society. In short, climate change is everyone’s business.

But consider this - businesses in major economies contribute 72% of global GDP. Apple’s market cap alone, of $2.1 trillion is larger than Russia’s GDP of $1.7 trillion. If Apple were a country, it would be the equivalent 8th largest in the world if, that is, market cap were equivalent to GDP. Microsoft would be 10th.

Yes, climate change is everyone’s business but when it comes to impact, business has the power to make the biggest difference.

Climate change is big business

Whether we want to make that difference or not, is beside the point, since all companies are legally required to reach net-zero by 2050. But aside from being compliant, there are many advantages to being climate-ready.

Sustainability is key to profitability - it’s big business, a $12 trillion per year kind of big. That’s why forward-looking companies are using climate innovation to up their game and they’re already seeing returns of up to 80%. Earth-friendly options are now the products of choice growing 5-6 times faster than their carbon-heavy equivalents. It’s not surprising then that 77% of investors plan to stop purchasing non-ESG products in 2022. 90% of CEOs know that sustainability action is key to your business success.

Businesses now need to have a sustainable advantage to address the challenges and opportunities of our changing world.

Climate Action

Taking action now to commit to sustainability and decarbonisation enables your business to:

  • Tap into a global sustainability market with an annual value of $12tr by 2030

  • Join green businesses using climate-focused innovation and disruption to achieve returns of 70-80%

  • Develop internal skills to address demand from 380m+ jobs created in the sustainability market by 2030.

  • Respond to customer demand that’s driving eco-products to grow 7x faster than traditional products

  • Benefit from 30% savings by switching to sustainable sourcing, technology and operations

  • Increase the value of your existing products by tapping into the 40% price premium achieved with a sustainability focus

  • Address your customers’ targets for Scope 3 emissions along their supply chain

  • Access a suite of sustainability benefits including: improved reputation (60%), improved profitability (53%), lower costs (30%) and increased production (30%).

  • Align with pioneering businesses adopting UN Global Goals to gain a 5-15 year advantage.

With 80% of large and mid-sized companies already committed to sustainability,

being climate-focussed creates immediate bottom-line value and social impact whilst establishing longer-term business viability, sowing the seeds for a healthy future.

Having a robust strategy and roadmap to ensure sustainability is delivered is not only good business but critical to a company’s survival.

Yes, climate change is everyone’s business, so why not make it yours?

For more inspiration and insights on sustainability for business go to If you are a company that needs help with sustainability in your business book a call with Futuretivity now and get sustainability delivered.

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