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What is 360˚ Sustainability?

360˚ Sustainability is an integrated approach to incorporating economic, environmental and social values throughout an organisation, placing people and planet at the heart of its commercial strategy, operations and culture. Developed by Futuretivity, 360˚ Sustainability delivers practical application of sustainability goals and models, recognising that actions in one area will affect outcomes in others, contributing to a resilient and sustainable future. 360˚ Sustainability provides a comprehensive and holistic approach and includes the 12 fundamentals of sustainability: leadership and strategy, finance and compliance, labour and skills development, equality and inclusion, social capital, and communities, health and wellbeing, production and consumption, decarbonisation and energy, efficiency and natural resources, climate positivity and more. Aligning with the UN SDGs, 360˚ Sustainability enables an organisation to drive change and innovation through reduced environmental impact and increased social value to deliver prosperity and long-term viability.

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UN SDGs:,people%20enjoy%20peace%20and%20prosperity.


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