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Film & TV

Our specialism in film and TV is borne out of 20 years experience producing film and TV content, managing broadcast channels and developing successful streaming services. We know the industry, its challenges and opportunities, and have developed specific sustainability models that:


  • Create cost efficiencies in production budgets

  • Secure new revenues and project financing

  • Deliver programming in a growing genre

  • Build business resilience for a vibrant future

  • Improve reputation and industry profile


With the average blockbuster film producing 2,840 tonnes of CO2 and just an hour of TV emitting 9.2 tonnes of CO2, the industry is stepping up to its role producing more sustainable and more impactful content.


UK broadcasters have signed up to the Climate Content Pledge; Albert compliance is becoming a pre-requisite for UK and international productions; The Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA) carbon reduction efforts drive Studios’ sustainability reporting requirements.


Meeting the growing industry sustainability demands can be daunting, but it needn’t be. With our proven, actionable sustainability for film and TV roadmaps, we help you navigate the opportunities and challenges arising from addressing sustainability in our industry, including:


  • Access smart supply chain, travel and logistics solutions

  • Build positive legacies for location partners, talent and crew

  • Win new business as a sustainable production partner

  • Tap into audience demand for impactful content

  • Ensure an authentic editorial voice backed by lived values


Get in touch to learn how sustainability can work for your business and productions and to find out more.

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